Encourage Your Employees To Take Breaks

We see it more than ever these days; burnout. Life in general in the 21st Century is 24/7 and work plays a huge part in our lives. 

Think about things for a minute; look around your office. How many people are glued to their computer screens or phones? Are people eating lunch at their desks? Do people ever leave their desks other than to pop to the toilet or for a refill? 

We have this culture, or idea, that being glued to our desks gives off a message of “commitment” and being “busy” to our employers. 

But does “busy” mean productive? We could blog about that alone, but our point is, this unfortunate trend can seriously hinder productivity, increase stress levels and negatively impact wellness, morale and happiness, ultimately impacting the overall health of a business.

People are working longer hours and taking fewer breaks than ever before. Some people have even said they feel “guilty” leaving their desks, or simply have “too much work” to come away. Granted, you can’t force employees to take a break, but you can look at your office/workplace culture which is creating these feelings. 

What Can Employers Do?

  • Build a break friendly culture by outfitting your office with a designated place to unwind, unplug and socialise with colleagues. 
  • Consider break spaces with furniture employees will want to sit in, as well as food and drinks options; this will naturally attract employees to spend time there. 
  • Having a “quiet space” in the office dedicated to relaxation and introspection gives employees the freedom to recharge and refocus their energy.

These simple measures can help foster a healthy work environment and promote workplace wellness. By providing employees with a place to relax, they feel appreciated and more productive throughout the day; ; ultimately helping morale and improving productivity.

In this digital, 24/7-365 world, technology allows us greater flexibility in how we communicate, and how and where we work; which has many merits. The problem is, being connected 24/7 also makes it difficult to maintain a proper work/life balance and can impact workplace engagement and productivity. Many employees make the mistake of not disconnecting from work-related technology when taking breaks, which can decrease the quality of break time and the ability to recharge. Encourage employees when taking a break to fully take their minds off work and reap the rewards!

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