Finding a candidate shouldn’t be prehistoric…

Recruiting the right talent and key staff can sometimes be frustrating. At Aspire Personnel, we utilise technology to make recruitment less time consuming and far more effective for our clients.

People lead busy lives; making it increasingly difficult to attend meetings and interviews. Our new video app bridges that gap and makes the recruitment process easier and stress-free. We can now video interview potential candidates on their mobiles, tablets and desktops; UK-wide. No more “I just can’t make it in” or constant rescheduling. Our new app gives you as a client the reassurance that we can speak to exceptional talent, across the UK, at a time that suits.

By leading the way with our very own Aspire App, we’re able to interview candidates nationwide so we can find bright, motivated individuals and exceptional talent for your business. 


The Aspire Personnel Video Chat App – Mobile Use

No more booking time off work for a job interview; or travelling hours and hours for a 30 minute chat with a recruiter. Take part in video conversations and video interviews wherever you are – all you need is your phone and our Aspire Video Chat!

Telephone interviews are commonplace when looking for a new job or career change; giving you and the employer, or recruiter, a feel for each other and what can be expected. However, Aspire Video Chat allows you to see an employer or candidate face to face and have a real-time video chat about the role and what you both have to offer.

Step 1: You will receive an email to create a password. Your username will be on the email.

Step 2: Login to the app with the details provided from your email.

Step 3: You will see a list of Aspire Personnel employees who will be awaiting you for your interview, select the correct person you have been in contact with.

Step 4: Begin to chat with an Aspire employee and begin your video interview. Good luck!

Note: The Audio/Video chat plugin is supported in iPhone 5 or higher version of iPhones and in android above Android 4.1


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The Aspire Personnel Video Chat App – Desktop Use

You can also access the video interview facility via a laptop or desktop computer. It’s really straight-forward! Similar to the instructions above, you will firstly receive an email, where you’re required to reset your password. You will then be directed to the Aspire Personnel Interview Room (see image below) where you’ll be interviewed by one of Aspire’s staff.