Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise. How do you search for staff to fill your permanent or short term or temporary vacancies?

Do you spend hours designing and writing an advertisement, then spend hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds advertising in local papers?

This is one way to find new staff, but what if it doesn’t yield the right kind of candidates? You may have to re-advertise week after week, spending much more money than you had budgeted for.

You will almost certainly receive many CV’s in response to any advert placed, but a high percentage of applicants will not have the experience or qualifications you require.

Sorting through CV’s and replying to all of the respondents is a long process, taking up valuable time.

A recruitment agency saves you time, and can save you money

Using a recruitment agency is not just far easier than going through the laborious process of doing it yourself, it usually costs around the same, or even less, and remember there is NO CHARGE until we find the right person, regardless of time spent finding them.

Here is the process you would have to take out of your busy schedule just to fill one vacancy – Let us do all this for you!

1. Writing an advert – this process can take some time to think of the correct wording and the exact requirements necessary for the vacancy.

2. Designing an advert – once you have decided on the wording and layout, you will need to design the actual advert including logos, telephone numbers etc. Different publications may offer different sizes of adverts in their situations vacant sections, this may mean designing two or three different sizes and layouts.

3. Arranging for publication – this will include talking to the different newspapers, discussing prices and deadlines. You will then need to arrange for purchase orders or credit card payments.

4. Sorting CV’s – As I mentioned earlier, you will receive many CV’s; some may fit your criteria, most will not. You will also receive many phone calls from candidates wishing to enquire about the vacancy. Candidates may also apply or call on a speculative basis. This can take longer than simply scanning through CV’s.

5. Selecting a shortlist – Once you have a shortlist, you will want to talk to the candidates to make sure that they definitely meet your selection criteria, this could be an informal chat or a specially prepared telephone interview. After talking to these candidates, interview appointments to meet with the candidates will be arranged.

6. Advising the unlucky ones – A good recruitment agency will advise those applicants who have not made it to the interview stage, though some organisations or agencies may not.

This is generally the point when a recruitment agency would have completed most of their work and the customer takes over.

There are also further costs to bear in mind. Advertising, for example, can be very expensive and the results vary widely depending on which publication is used. You may have to advertise using newspapers, specialist magazines and Internet sites.

Adding up the time and money involved, you can see why many companies do use recruitment agencies.

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