Dear Candidates, do you really want this job?

Uncommitted and time-wasting job candidates. Really? When there are so many people looking for and wanting to work?

Yes, unfortunately they do exist. You know who we mean; the ones that seem really interested in the role, say all of the right things and then at the last moment, when you offer them the job, they decide they’re not interested.

We understand everyone is human and that there could be completely legitimate reasons or perhaps they’ve been given a counter-offer, or, maybe they get cold feet about leaving their current workplace; but the thing is…there are other (genuinely interested and keen) candidates out there trying too who are losing out.

It’s so annoying and common, in fact, that many recruiters (including ourselves) have started asking targeted questions, to find out whether someone is actually really serious about the role. Or whether they’re likely to flake further down the line!

What we’d like to do is put these questions to you, and if you (or someone you know) are looking for a new role and you’re unsure/not totally committed, these might help you decide one way or another…

“Having read the ‘job-spec’, what aspects of the role do you think you’ll like and which will you dislike?”

First up, this will require you to thoroughly read and understand what they are looking for/asking of a candidate and if you really want to apply? Are you excited about the regular parts of the role you’ll be doing or are you not inspired; or worse still, feel yourself moaning already?

Honestly, if you aren’t passionate or enthused by the main responsibilities and the the role in general, you will have problems down the line.

“Imagine you get the job you’re thinking of applying for. How long will you stay there?”

Now if this question is asked by a recruiter to a candidate, they can fib, so be honest with yourself on this one…

It’s not about ‘forever’ or nothing, people grow and circumstances change, that’s life. But you should be looking to settle down somewhere you can see a future for yourself to grow and improve!

“What do you know about the business/company?”

Have you taken the time to look up the Employer, what they do, their brand presence and tone or dig a bit deeper about whether you are a good fit for each-other? If you aren’t too bothered about looking, are you truly bothered about applying for the role?

“Why do you think this job would be different or an improvement on your current job?”

Ok, so you’re thinking about changing jobs…why?

Is it the money? Benefits? Do you feel undervalued? Or do you just need a new challenge. It might sound crazy, but many people don’t think too much about the “why’s” and this in-fact is a key indicator. Be truly honest with yourself.

Ideally, you’ve found a role you’re super excited about and a company you’d love to be a part of and grow with.

We hope that if you’re ‘unsure’ about a role or you’re in the recruiting process currently, this will help you firm-up if you’re committed or not! 

We will support candidates throughout the whole interview process, but it is a two-way thing. Whilst our reputation speaks for itself, we can’t do everything for a candidate; they have to be committed and work with us! 


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