3 Top Job Search Tips To Get You Hired!

Job searching is hard. Make no bones about it, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for your first job, a change of roles, a new career entirely, you’re a graduate or you’ve been made redundant.

A job isn’t and should be just a job. You spend much of your life at work so you should work somewhere awesome and where you’ll add value,  grow and thrive; not somewhere that riddles you fear every Sunday evening.

If you are dreading Monday on a Sunday, it is certainly time to think about a change. You’ll likely have more transferable skills than you think! So do check out our Vacancies page!


Starting your job search

So you start your job search. You begin with enthusiasm and determination. You feel optimistic and know that you will be an asset to many businesses. Your positive vibes are surely going to help…

You send off lots of applications, noting when recruitment closes, or the terms detailed for hearing back if you’re successful…


4 weeks later…

This isn’t the case for all, but we hear endless remarks saying “I haven’t had a reply from any applications, not even to say I’ve been unsuccessful” and “I’ve literally sent hundreds of applications off with no response..” or “I keep getting interviews but I am never successful!”

Lack of response and success means enthusiasm, and confidence more importantly, can dissolve over time. You begin to question your worth, panic can set in and your confidence is low. It needn’t be…

Rejection, or just plain being ignored is not nice, but it happens, and many of the greats were rejected many times prior to success.

It’s not easy, but there are best practices and ways to help you get noticed by a Recruiter or Hiring Manager and ace an interview! Check out our Top 3 Job Search Tips below…

Job Search Anger



Add a “Skills Summary” section near the top of your CV. This helps draw a recruiter or hiring manager’s eyes to your best qualities! Think about keywords that are relevant to the role you’re applying for and how your skills will fit. Be clear and concise!

Body Language – the most successful candidates display consistent vocal tone & maintained good body language in interviews! Don’t slouch or fidget, maintain eye contact and ensure you’re giving off the “I want to be here and I want this job” vibes!

Confidence – People want to hire leaders. Be confident and clear. Whether in your CV or an interview, explain about your problem solving skills, how you’ll help grow their company & others in it too! Give examples of how you’ve done this in the past!


We can help you too…

If you’ve tried these tips, and you’re still sending off lots of applications to no avail, have you spoken to a recruitment agency like us? Many recruiters get a reputation for hounding people or just putting ‘bums on seats’ but we are not like that. We know everyone says that, but you just need to look at our testimonials, from clients and candidates alike to see we put the right people forward for the right jobs. We also have over 30 years experience in the industry and have won various awards for our work. At Aspire Personnel we are renowned for being friendly, honest and also knowing our stuff! You can get in touch with us via our Contact Page or call us on 01908 686644. Alternatively, if you’ve seen a job that would suit someone you know, or you know someone who’s looking for a job, refer them to us and we’ll give you £50!•

•Terms and conditions apply, ask us for more details.

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