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We Just GOOGLED You… Why Your Social Media Could Be Holding Your JOB SEARCH Back…

Are things just not happening for you and your job search or career progression? Your CV is as good as it can be, but something is up and you just don’t know why you aren’t getting those interviews or call-backs? Check your social media…

Offensive posts, social rants, alcohol educed selfies and videos, over-sharing…what you post on your social media creates an online persona, and guess what…Recruiters and potential employers WILL Google you.

Research by revealed 36% of employers have refused candidates an interview based on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles alongside their applications. With over half (56%) of employers admitting online profiles influence hiring decisions!

The important thing to remember, where social media is concerned, is that you should manage your profile. Now whether this means you adjust your privacy settings (we all have private lives), or just be aware of what is going ‘out there’, it’s your choice. Just be aware.

A well-managed personal social profile can be massively influential and beneficial; it is your brand! Think about each social channel and what they can be used for.

Candidates and employers are more and more so looking for a good cultural fit, opposed to just fitting a set skill-set. Often a Google search will tell a recruiter or hiring manager more than a CV can.

We always say to candidates, if your Mum or a parent looked through your profiles would you feel happy with what she’d see?

EMPLOYERS you’re being watched too…

Whilst we are talking about ‘online reputations’, it is also important to remember that EMPLOYERS, yes you guys too are being judged by potential future talent. Employers scrutinised as much as the candidates, with YouGov research finding that 28% of employees saying they were/have been influenced by they have found and read about an employer on social media.

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