LEADERSHIP: Focus on the GOAL, not the ROLE…

Whether you’re managing a team and it’s proving tricky, or, you’re in a team and feel your Manager isn’t working for/listening to you, there are ways to make work-life more harmonious!

We aren’t getting on our soap-box here, but too often problems arise in the office through MISS-COMMUNICATION or the complete lack thereof…


It’s about being emotionally open with one-another and putting pride to the side and keeping egos in check; those who can do this will increase their effectiveness either as team member or as leaders.

This process works both ways.
We are all motivated by different things.
That’s ok.

Mentoring, rather than dictating is a good way to think of it and helps with accepting constructive criticism and advice.

Often discovering why something isn’t working, or understanding why YOU aren’t happy, starts internally.

“If you could create your dream job, how would you write the job description?”

You spend an awful lot of time in work and probably more time with colleagues than anyone else, so you may as well try to be as happy as possible. If that ship has sailed, then it is time to consider a change perhaps; something we can help with.

A great leader is someone who doesn’t have to continually motivate their employees, but rather uncovers their internal passions and leverages them. They give their team something to believe in!

It’s much easier to leverage preexisting motivation than to regenerate it for every new project; channelling team members internal motivations and redirect them toward team projects that touched on the areas they enjoy the most.


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