I hate my job but I’m too scared to change…

Sunday afternoons don’t feel like the weekend anymore; you’re already thinking about Monday at work.

Every morning you wish for longer in bed and dread the alarm, because that means work, and every morning miserable because you can’t stand the thought of going to the office to do a job you hate.

It’s written all over your face, your body language, you’re stressed and you probably moan and grown constantly to friends and family about how unhappy you are. So now, not only are you miserable, but everyone around you is too.

BUT… you tell yourself you can get through each day of misery, then you go home to bed so you can revisit it all over again tomorrow; great logic; sustainable.

If you hate your job so much, then why stay? There are no imaginary handcuffs on you, or a ball and chain.

The answer is simple…change. Change is scary. You hate your job but you’re scared to quit.

“Better the devil you know…”

You ask yourself what is worse: being in a job that makes you miserable, or the unknown of a new job? What if my new boss or the office I move to is in fact worse!? What if I get sacked from this new job? The one that you won’t even consider because obviously the unknown would be far worse than the misery you experience on a daily basis and inflict on family and friends too? 

Just think about that and run it over for a moment…

What if it ‘change’ turns out to be awesome?

What if…instead, your new working environment is great, and much more akin to your persona?! What if your colleagues are more helpful and you forge new, rewarding relationships? What if your new boss appreciates you, develops your skills and even rewards you for them? What if you flourish and the company want to see you succeed? What if this new job led you to wake up happy and excited to go do a job you love every day?

What if that is the description of the ‘unknown’?

What if you find a recruitment agency that can work with you to make that happen? One that is interested in your happiness and putting you somewhere where you’ll fit; rather than just a bum on a seat. What if you start to get your confidence back too…

Well we are those Recruiters that do care, and can truly help you find a role that fits you and doesn’t make you miserable. But personally,  you have two options: change your situation by finding a new job, or change your attitude and adjust your mindset about your current job.

If you have decided that enough is enough, and you deserve to be happy, well done, we agree. Some people can adjust their attitudes but often, if you have arrived at the point of daily misery and  wanting to quit, you are half way out the door.

You’ve made the decision, now what?

Once you’ve made the decision that enough is enough and you need to be happy at work again, you need to make a plan.

We would recommend making some notes (it often helps to make things clearer in our minds to write it down) on what it is that makes you happy & drives you in work. Or, alternatively, write down what currently makes you so miserable about the job you’re in.

Do you feel under-appreciated? Do you feel like there are no development opportunities and you aren’t learning anything new? Are you sick of the commute? Do you not like the culture? If so why? Do you feel underpaid? Is the money thing made worse by the other factors?

Whilst we are on the “money” thing, we want to take this opportunity to say something that shocks many people (until they experience it)… Money should not be your primary driver as you consider new jobs.

Taking a job for less money, one that allows you to be happier is worth it. Think about it…the happier you are the better you do and the more you end up being rewarded for that down the road. So don’t let a starting salary stop you from taking a position you love if there is room for that position to grow!

These are all things you need to be honest with yourself about, so going forward you can tackle these.

THEN…start looking for opportunities! A great place to start is our VACANCIES page where we have lots of great roles.

Have a chat with us. We will get to know you, over the phone, via video chat or by coming into our office. At all times you will feel at ease and be listen to. We also offer feedback for interviews where you might not be successful (many recruitment agencies don’t) so we can nail it next time…

Give us a call today and start being HAPPY! 01908 686644



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