Your Attitude Determines Your Success.

You’ve heard all the sayings… “hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard” and “attitude is everything”. Well, they’re true; all of them.

You’ve seen very examples of it this year: Leicester City winning the Premier League. Smaller teams like Iceland (still too soon?) and Wales progressing in the Euros…

There was a common trend. And whichever adjective you to choose to sum that up; passion, drive, commitment, spirit; it all boils down to having the right attitude and applying it.

One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you. It governs the way you perceive the world and the way the world perceives you.

Take the opportunities you are given to understand how you need to and can improve.

We all have a choice. We can choose an inner dialogue of self-encouragement and self-motivation, or we can choose one of self-defeat and self-pity. It’s a power we all have.

That’s why when we always say “Monday’s don’t suck, your job does”.

The endless tweets or statuses talking about the ‘struggle back to work’ post weekend is real. Sure, there is a lot of jest in there, but also a lot of truth.

We’ve met people who simply can’t relax on a weekend because they ‘fear’ (yes you heard that right) Monday morning; and in fact, the entire work week. They enjoy maybe a Saturday, then spend all day Sunday worrying.

Did you know THE AVERAGE PERSON SPENDS APPROX 90,000 HOURS AT WORK over their lifetime!!!!

So, here lies the point about about your attitude/passion/drive/spirit…you are in control. You are. You are not chained to your desk.

Sure, you may read this and think…”Well I am because I have bills to pay and/or children to feed”…but if things are that bad at work, the likelihood is it is affecting those things too. Your relationships can become strained when you’re unhappy all day; you’re drained of energy or can’t enjoy what you’ve worked for because you can’t relax…see where we are going with this…

If you need some help looking for another job or career path, we are here. Take a look at our Vacancies page, see where your talents can be best put to use and let’s have a chat about how we can help you find a job you actually like!

All that said (and back to the attitude) if you feel you cannot make that change, you must adapt your attitude, for self preservation if nothing else. Look at ways you can improve your work environment, reassess what you want to achieve and how you can make that happen. Speak with colleagues and managers; reach out! As we said above: Attitude governs the way you perceive the world and the way the world perceives you.

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