How To Make Sure You Have A Successful Job Interview

Congrats! You’ve managed to secure an interview so you have stood out from other candidates; that’s round 1 to you.

The time in the job interview alone won’t determine your success, there’s more to it than that; like preparation and follow up. Many people think that the interview process is just about the time you’re in front of the Hiring Manager, but in fact there’s more to it.

Before The Interview

You’ve heard the quotes and phrases about preparation and the importance of it, and speaking from 30+ years experience, we can tell when a candidate has totally failed to prepare themselves; and it doesn’t bode well.

“Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”

Research – find out about the company; the culture, the brand, the people; the Hiring Manager! With all the resources available nowadays there is no excuse to not do your research! There is nothing worse than when a client feeds back to say “We liked the person, but they just hadn’t bothered to do any research about us”.

Plan Your Journey – this should go without saying but you’d be surprised! Ensure you know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and build in time for traffic; being late is big NO!

Decide What You’re Wearing – first impressions count. You know what they say, dress for the job you want! Don’t leave this to the last minute, it will only panic and stress you out, which you do not need on the morning of an interview. Depending upon the company and the role, dress accordingly, and being smarter won’t be as bad as turning up too casual.

Have Your CV Handy – ensure you have a copy with your CV, whether you are having a call with them, or in the interview itself. This will help prompt you and help you clarify/explain any points easier to the interviewer.

The Interview

Ok, this is your time to sell yourself (appropriately) and make the most of your time in front of the interviewer.

First Impressions – confidence is great, with a friendly tone, not arrogant. Eye contact is also very important, as is speaking clearly. Great the interviewer with a strong handshakes and don’t forget to smile!

Pitch – we all know there is like to be a “tell me about yourself and how you suit this role” thrown in there, so be ready. Have a short pitch prepared, clearly outlining and supporting why you have the relevant skills and experience.

Be Positive – there might be some questions in there asking about how you dealt with a “stressful situation”, a “problematic employee/colleague” or ask about your “weaknesses”. Try to answer each question with a positive spin, and avoid at all costs, ranting about your old work place or colleagues.

Salary – sure, we all want to know what the salary is, but please do not make it all about the numbers from the get go. Get a feel for the vibes, culture, potential for growth and the other opportunities within the company. More and more people are realising that being happy in a job is more important than just earning the bucks. Plus, put the shoe on your foot; if a candidate sat in front of you and straight off the bat asked about salary, what would you think?

The Follow Up – After The Interview

So hopefully it went well, and you prepared well then articulated yourself even better in the interview itself; making a last impression.

Now the wait…

Thank You – there is no harm whatsoever in sending a ‘Thank You’ note or email to the interviewer, thanking them for their time and with a very brief and concise recap. Don’t go overboard; keep it light and concise, then be patient.

Social Media – we understand that everything is social these days, and you are super excited that you have just been interviewed for a potential new dream role…BUT, PLEASE DO NOT POST ABOUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA – no matter how well you think it went! Keep this to yourself. Social does what it says on the tin – people can see what you put out there and they will look.

Hire Me

At Aspire Personnel, something we pride ourselves on (and why Candidates are always referring us) is we always provide FEEDBACK from the interview, from the clients.

There is nothing worse than never hearing anything back, thinking it went well, and not knowing what to improve or work on for your next interview. That’s why we take the time to get feedback on your behalf, and if you’re unlucky that time, improve for next!

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