General Manager, Automotive

As a business we have been dealing with Sue Turney for the last 6 years and more recently with Aspire Personnel to fulfil our recruitment needs. Due to the nature of our business and our demands Sue recognised that in order to fill our roles it would be essential that she and her recruitment advisors had a sound understanding of our business and processes.

Over this period of time Sue has taken the time to fully understand our business and objectives, this knowledge has then been passed on the other members of her team. This has resulted in us being able to rely on Aspire for a very high success rate. With this understanding of our business, Aspire has been instrumental in helping us to complete a full review of our recruitment process. Through this review we were able to efficiently streamline our process and achieve some considerable financial and time saving.

Sue’s passion for delivering an excellent service has meant that she quickly became a trusted partner and has continued to work with the company through many campaigns. Sue will always offer advice and guidance on industry developments and always makes sure any communications are easily understood and relevant. I consider Sue wholly trustworthy, honest and always has the needs of the customer in mind”.