Keep Your New Years Resolution & Find Your Dream Job

Never Give Up

The start of a New Year means a fresh beginning and renewed enthusiasm from those New Year’s resolutions; making you ready to make changes to improve your life.

Many feel the New Year is an ideal time to look for a new job, make a career change or obtain a better education. If you’re in a lacklustre job that just isn’t doing it for you, or you’re still looking for a job, many seize this opportunity to focus more clearly on where they’d like to head career-wise

But (and theres always a but) surely everyday offers that same opportunity? January is not the only time you can resolve to improve your career and life in general! Forbes reported just 8% of people achieved last year’s resolutions, so how can you make your career goals a reality?

It is very easy to make new year’s resolutions. However, in truth, most of us find it much harder to keep them beyond a few weeks or months; many people make overly ambitious resolutions that are almost doomed to failure from the start. Hands up who’s vowed to change jobs, get promoted or ask for a pay rise?! We’ve even done it ourselves – a big “This year will be different, I am the captain of my soul…” speech!

Our ethos is built around positivity and a ‘can do’ attitude, so we never discourage or mock it; however, our 30+ years experience and strong reputation in recruitment has also taught us to be realistic and plan HOW to execute a plan, rather than just talk about it. Many can talk the talk, but let’s walk the walk too!

With nearly half a million more job vacancies being advertised in the UK, there is more chance than ever you will land your ideal job in 2015. In this article we share some of our top tips which will help you stick to your resolutions and hopefully get a better job this year.

7 Tips to Help Find Your Job Heaven

Develop a plan – resolutions that have the best chance of success are those that are carefully developed through a series of steps.

Confidence – think and stay positive about your abilities and the available jobs. While the economic times are still low, your worth shouldn’t be; you’re a valuable asset to any company and this is how you need to think about yourself! Volunteering part-time in a place that appreciates your skills is great for your morale and also for your CV.

List your goals – write down all the changes you want to make, what you want to accomplish. Be specific. Don’t say your goal is to find a new job; say your goal is to find a new job with an employer that offer workplace flexibility. Be clear is what is driving you!

Do you need to brush up your skills? This might be a great time of year to enroll in courses that build on or extend your existing knowledge, as a way to improve your job prospects. Lots of local colleges offer useful courses and even night-classes. Sometimes the smaller more specific skills can set you apart from the other equally qualified people seeking the same job.

Look for suitable positions – the broader your potential job pool, the better chances you’ll have at finding a new job this new year. But ensure your applications match your skill set and are realistically doable for you.

Broaden your horizons – think beyond where you live. While this may seem scary initially, if you are prepared to relocate you will widen the potential job pool even more; especially if you’re prepared to move to a place that is a hub for the skills you possess.

Prepare well – you’ve no doubt heard the saying: “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail” Common interview mistakes include dressing down, not knowing much (or anything!) about the place you’d like to work for, and poor interview mannerisms. Research the company, anticipate questions and be prepared!

You may hit times when your plans are not working as you’d like and your goal still seems so far away. Persist. If the strategy you have been using is no longer working for you, go back and develop a new strategy. Be sure to visit our Vacancies which cover a wide array of roles in multiple industries and Contact Us if you have any questions.

You can do it. Never give up.

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