The Aspire Personnel Video Chat App

No more booking time off work for a job interview; or travelling hours and hours for a 30 minute chat with a recruiter. Take part in video conversations and video interviews wherever you are – all you need is your phone and our Aspire Video Chat!

Telephone interviews are commonplace when looking for a new job or career change; giving you and the employer, or recruiter, a feel for each other and what can be expected. However, Aspire Video Chat allows you to see an employer or candidate face to face and have a real-time video chat about the role and what you both have to offer.

Step 1: You will receive an email to create a password. Your username will be on the email.

Step 2: Login to the app with the details provided from your email.

Step 3: You will see a list of Aspire Personnel employees who will be awaiting you for your interview, select the correct person you have been in contact with.

Step 4: Begin to chat with an Aspire employee and begin your video interview. Good luck!

Note: The Audio/Video chat plugin is supported in iPhone 5 or higher version of iPhones and in android above Android 4.1

Available to download:

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