“I wanted to say that you’ve been the most impressive, supportive and approachable recruiter I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Thank you for that experience.”
Richard – Candidate placed as C/S Manager

“Sue did a fantastic job for me, enabling me to get my first job as a financial advisor. She took the time to understand both my personal and professional circumstances and motivation, getting to know me as a person rather than just as a CV. Even though my CV didn’t exactly fit the job description advertised, Sue put me forward and really sold me as a person as an individual to the firm, communicating with me throughout. I can’t say enough good things, she really went above and beyond to enable me to get my dream job!
Tom – Candidate placed as a Financial Advisor

“Amanda, Sue & Jacqui have been very proactive & supportive throughout the recruitment process & I will always remember that. Thank you so much for finding me the perfect job.” Tina – Candidate

“I want to thank you all at Aspire for helping me throughout the years of my life.

Special thanks to you Sue for helping me find work when I was 18 years old and keeping me in mind years later. You have no idea how your work placements have shaped me into the woman I am today. I can confidently say that the experiences I have gained through Aspire is one of the reasons I am able to walk into graduate employment after university.

Aspire Personnel is unmatched when it comes to recruiting. As a team you always put the candidate first and your friendliness and genuine care for those seeking employment does not go unnoticed.” Vanessa – Candidate

“From the first second that Aspire Personnel contacted me, I felt like I was being taken care of and never did I ever feel like I was just a “subject” among a pile of CVs, something that, from my experience, does not stand for all recruitment agencies and their employees. Amanda Hughes, the recruiter that handled my case from the beginning, made me feel valuable and suggested roles that were actually spot-on with my mindset and career goals. I’ve been in the UK for about 8 months and Amanda treated me with nothing but positivity and respect and, furthermore, she found me a job I truly wanted in a company I would really have liked to work for any day of my life.”

“Aspire Personnel are the most genuine, caring, resourceful agency I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They found me many work opportunities and endeavoured to keep trying when it wasn’t quite the right fit for me. Donna, Amanda and Sue were so supportive of me, particularly when my mental health took a dip on my very first day of a new job. I never felt like I was making things awkward for them (a tactic many agencies use) and they were an absolute delight to meet. I cannot recommend Aspire enough for their dedication to helping me and their attention to detail. Thank you so much ladies, it may not seem like much, but you really struck a chord with me all those weeks ago.”

“Just a little paragraph to say how much I appreciate your help you have been great not only for myself but my partner too. I would certainly recommend aspire personnel to everyone. Very friendly and welcoming. Again thank you for your help.” Chloe Moore

“Aspire Personnel Ltd truly do accommodate their clients and candidates, I would like to take this opportunity to echo that statement. The professionalism and welcoming approach ensures you that every candidate is looked after thoroughly meeting their employment requirements. Sue has a fantastic collaborative team of professionals in place, all of which are focussed on finding you the right opportunities. Informative and working off the same page, for me personally; Aspire portray just why they outshine their competitors, with all the above taken into consideration. Thank you to the whole team.” Lee G

“All of the staff I met at Aspire Personnel were so warm and welcoming. Specifically Donna Forster, she was clear and concise with any potential job information and went above and beyond when helping me find employment. I would recommend Aspire Personnel to anyone purely because of the sincere nature of their team.” George

“Everybody dreams about finding a job they deserve. Having a good set of skills and a proven professional background can make that easier.
But with Donna and the Aspire Personnel Team’s help the thing is as fast as light.

Not only did I received the job offer matching my skills, but I was also well coached before the interview. I got the job and it was a real pleasure to take part in a such seamless recruitment process.

I appreciate Donna’s professionalism, engagement and friendliness. I wish every candidate could deal with such a great recruiter!” Kate – Placed as a Administrator

“Amanda is a dedicated, enthusiastic and professional recruiter. Amanda contacted me regarding a new role and supported me throughout the entire application process, even contacting me after I accepted the job offer. I was impressed that Amanda responded promptly to my queries via email and telephone and kept me up to date at all times. It’s rare to find a recruiter that cares about the people they place and I would recommend her to any job seeker.” Rebecca (Candidate)

“Aspire are a very efficient agency with the way they deal with things and very professional. Their timing in the manner of finding me a job I was happy with was extremely fast talking of a matter of two days and even after leaving that job receive a call the next day to find myself with another job which goes to show the efficiency and timing of this agency. Sue and the group are always willing to help and very cooperative and understanding with everything. 

I could not recommend Aspire as an agency enough as from first hand experience I cannot fault or flaw the way they handle themselves and bring themselves forward as a company.” Chris V (Candidate)

“I would like to thank Sue and her team for all of the help and support that they gave to me while I was seeking new employment, after being made redundant for the third time. Of all of the Employment Agencies that I registered with, Aspire was the only one who took the time to get to know me. As a result, Aspire were able to match me to short term contracts and temporary work, giving me time to decide my future path. I would always recommend Aspire to anyone who is seeking employment.” Jane (Candidate)

“I would love to thank the ladies from Aspire recruitment, especially Jemma for her friendly yet professional approach (I felt like we knew each other for years!) It was the best experience with a recruitment agency I’ve ever had. Such friendly people, it was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to having interaction in the future.” Joanna G (Candidate)

“I would like to thank you very much for the positions you’ve found to me and for your great advice and consideration. Definitely Aspire Personnel are the best Agency here in Milton Keynes. Congratulations for the unique work you do and values that you and your team have!” Rachel (Candidate) 

“It was lovely to meet you all. Was perhaps the most positive meetings with an agency I have had. This was not just because of the job, but due to how welcoming, positive and keen you and the whole team were.” Rachel Fell

 “I was made to feel like an individual not just like one of many people on your books. you made sure my experience of using an agency for the first time was easy you were honest with me and found me work almost immediately that suited me perfectly. Because I was given the opportunity by yourself I got myself some permanent and well paid work” Paul – placed as a Data Entry Clerk

“Whilst working with Aspire to find a new position I found them to be very helpful and enthusiastic in every aspect of finding a new job for myself. Aspire helped me find confidence and went that extra mile in order to make sure I was always prepared for an interview. I would like to recommend Aspire to anyone that is looking for good career opportunities and work with great people to help you reach these goals.” Nicole –placed as a Sales and Service Insurance Advisor

“Sue and Donna at Aspire have been fantastic from start to finish. I found from initially getting into contact with them to getting a job a very smooth transition with a professional and friendly service. Sue has been fantastic with any queries and would highly recommend Aspire Recruitment”Kevin – placed as a Sales and Service Insurance Advisor

“Aspire Personnel is one of the few agencies, which really care for its candidates unlike other agencies, where it is difficult to get in contact with the personnel and they will not even return your call. But with Donna and Sue, I have had a very good experience. It was easy to get in touch with them. Once you registered with them they will work for you and keep you updated with their progress. They promise only if they know they can help. They work hard to get you a job. It was because of their determination that today I have been able to secure a job.” Shameem – placed as Purchase Ledger Clerk

“Aspire personnel have a very caring and personal touch to their service. The interview preparation I received from Donna allowed me to be more ready than I have ever been for an interview and perform confidently when answering a range of question whilst always displaying positive body language. Aspire were able to match me to career options that really suited my skills and experience through taking time to get to know me as an individual and were extremely supportive by keeping open lines of communication throughout the process.” Richard – placed as a Graduate Account Manager

“Aspire personnel is a lovely and welcoming agency, I found that Amanda, who landed me a brilliant job, was extremely helpful and is someone who would go above and beyond for a client. I would definitely recommend the agency to a friend and anyone looking for an agency who listens to your job needs and gives you good advice.” Placed as an Account Manager


“Just wanted to say thank you for making the process so smooth and stress free – especially at such short notice.  The candidates were all very strong and reflect the calibre of the shortlisting process you carry out so that we don’t have to!” Deputy Chief Executive Officer

“As a business we have been dealing with Sue Turney for the last 6 years and more recently with Aspire Personnel to fulfil our recruitment needs. Due to the nature of our business and our demands Sue recognised that in order to fill our roles it would be essential that she and her recruitment advisors had a sound understanding of our business and processes.

Over this period of time Sue has taken the time to fully understand our business and objectives, this knowledge has then been passed on the other members of her team. This has resulted in us being able to rely on Aspire for a very high success rate. With this understanding of our business, Aspire has been instrumental in helping us to complete a full review of our recruitment process. Through this review we were able to efficiently streamline our process and achieve some considerable financial and time saving.

Sue’s passion for delivering an excellent service has meant that she quickly became a trusted partner and has continued to work with the company through many campaigns. Sue will always offer advice and guidance on industry developments and always makes sure any communications are easily understood and relevant. I consider Sue wholly trustworthy, honest and always has the needs of the customer in mind”. General Manager, Automotive

“The problem with finding the right person for a job, is you often don’t know exactly what you want until you see it! My business is both young and unique and as a result my brief to Sue and her team at Aspire Personnel was both vague and broad. However Sue analysed the business that we were doing, understood what I was asking for and provided a selection of applicants that were all spot on.

Sue’s top applicant is now a permanent fixture in the company. I’m delighted and I’m still in regular contact with Sue and look forward to going through the process with her again.”MD Resource for Television

“ I have had a lot of experience with numerous agencies in Milton Keynes over time, the reason I like working with Aspire Personnel is the fact they are very honest, understand your needs very well, certainly don’t waste your time and do an extremely good job at a very decent rate. The maturity of the team ensures that you get experience as well as superb customer service. I would definitely recommend them, certainly compared to others…” HR Manager Facilities

“Sue is a very professional and personable individual who fully understands any brief given to her when I have been looking to hire individuals for specialists roles within my company. It is quite easy to identify that Sue differs from other agencies due to the successful candidates that we have recruited via her agency. I would have no hesitation in recommended Sue and her company to support any company that is looking to recruit staff.” MD Telemarketing Company

“I would recommend Sue and Aspire Personnel Ltd. Sue has provided a number of high quality candidates which I have employed. I have known Sue for numerous years and would recommend her highly.” Manager Finance Company

“So many recruitment agencies talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to actually delivering candidates for interview that fit the criteria and have been well briefed. Few agencies understand the time constraints their clients are under, especially in these difficult trading conditions. The guys at Aspire are truly different. They demonstrate a real understanding of their clients business and then are meticulous and methodical at distilling the best available candidates and then only presenting those who have been positively vetted and matched to the clients criteria. Once selected for interview, the candidates are well briefed and present with knowledge and interest, often primed with detailed questions. In this way, Aspire demonstrate that they can save their clients time and present the best candidates at that time in the catchment area. Aspire has the reach and weight of a National agency, with the tenacity and dedication of a local agency and in this way brings value to the process – a rare attribute in these difficult times. I would not hesitate to recommend Aspire” Testimonial from Director of PR Company